August 8, 2015

July 30, 2015

Family Portrait


ever notice
 the wall of photographed candids
 upon the wall?

they are always uneven
and sometimes
the lighting is pretty bad

and there is always one
that is
slightly askew

no matter how many times
you try
to right it.


LMCC Swing Space
20,000 yellow tipped quilting pins

July 22, 2015


Lisa Kellner

"I believe that nothing can be more abstract, more unreal,
 than what we actually see.  
We know that all we can see of the objective world, as human beings,
 never really exists as we see and understand it.

Matter exists, of course, but has no intrinsic meaning of its own,
 such as the meanings that we attach to it.
  We can know only that a cup is a cup, that a tree is a tree."

- Morandi
Twentieth-Century Artists on Art
by Dore Ashton, 1985

July 14, 2015