October 27, 2015

Here, in this space, I have shared
thoughts, images, inspirations and ideas for awhile now.
Recently, I find I am unable to commit 
the proper amount of time to make this space what it should be.

As my studio practice grows
and my time making my work overtakes
everything else,
I say goodbye to this space 
and thank you for being a part of it.


September 15, 2015

if I had to imagine a landscape

the one

I was born into

father; C-print; Lisa Kellner

 it would be

frayed edges and pretty florals

dark exteriors; detailed interiors

rough foregrounds; gentle backgrounds

and an opaque covering

that hides well.

mother; C-print; Lisa Kellner

September 10, 2015

Im    plant; Lisa Kellner

How to close the great distance over people
Do it over coffee like fish
That appear to be talking
But are really eating to stay alive.”

- A poem by Michael Lovett

Landscapes of the Body; Lisa Kellner

Lisa kellner

Skin, M42
Embroidered French knots, French linen
35" x 54"

Roadmap F77; Lisa Kellner

August 8, 2015