June 16, 2015

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LMCC Swing Space - 2009

A Proposition Ate My Marriage; Lisa Kellner

Lisa Kellner

Lisa Kellner

A Proposition Ate My Marriage
a room sized sculptural investigation
LMCC Swing Space - 2009
Inherent in most institutions, there is a certain amount of paradox. A Proposition Ate My Marriage focuses on the contradicting nature of the marital institution. It considers marriage as a cultural configuration and the ramifications of the law upon the reality of the experience.

Embroidered as a canopy over the marital bed, I created a “document of truth” consisting of laws and judicial opinions that historically define the term “marriage”. My intent here was to embed these laws into the very fabric of the marital experience while discerning patterns of official judgments.

A Proposition Ate My Marriage contemplates whether it is possible for legal rhetoric to change the dynamics of a relationship. On this bed, actual occurrences of a long term relationship (embroidered here) are overshadowed by legal verbiage. The objective was to break down the components of the institution (both the governmental and the marital) that contribute to maintaining its very structure.

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